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After we approve your case, and you decide it's time to get back what's yours, our expert cyber and legal team get to work. We start putting together all the facts. We then get in touch with the right people in charge, show them what we found, and push them to act against these online thieves.


Money Back

Falling for a scam can hurt, both your pocket and your pride. But don't worry, we're here to help. Our main goal is to recover your lost money. We will fight tooth and nail to get every dollar back into your pocket, and with our team by your side, you are about to reclaim your money, by taking a firm step towards it. Let’s do it!

You're Not Alone.

Worldwide more than a million adults will fall victim to fraud or a scam a year. That number has increased exponentially since 2018 by 34%. We understand that this might have happened to you and now you’re afraid. Afraid to pay online. Afraid to reach out. Afraid to be scammed again. Well, it’s time to get your money back. We offer a free case study, and a full review and won’t charge if your case qualifies for our services. Take back what’s yours, recover what you’ve lost.
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We know where to hit back. How to recover your money.

You will obtain a wealth recovery agent, an expert in the field that knows all the tricks, inner logistics of international scammers. With the help of our team, spearheaded by legal specialists, cyber forensic investigators, and AI tech, we can expose and run down criminals — expose the fraud and exercise your rights to recover your money.

Want what’s yours back? Contact us immediately — every minute is a minute lost.

Money laundering

Criminals need to launder and move profits from their scam around before they can be used. Our team follows the money.

Court Advisory

Our legal team is here to ensure that you can expertise your rights in court if and when you might need it.

Cyber Investigators

We track the digital footprint of criminals — which in turn helps us build our case and recover stolen funds.

Banking Scam

Banks have insurance. Sometimes you can recover your money simply by pressure from your financial institution to do what’s right.

Fraud Modeling

Ponzi scheme, ID theft, wire frauds, phishing, there are many varieties of frauds — our team can identify them and help you uncover fraudsters.

Legal Claim

We exercise your rights through legal channels. Capital Recovery manages every step of the process, from reviewing your case, to building it up and finally recovering your funds.

Get Your Life Back!

Get Your Money Back

Has a scam turned your world upside down?

You're not alone. Millions of people worldwide are in the same scenario. It's normal to feel a mix of anger, frustration, and despair. Your life as you knew it, seems changed forever.

But, what if there's a way to reclaim your money back? A way to reclaim your lost funds, and return to the comfort of your old life? The smile you once wore easily can be yours again. Your story can have a happy ending. Let's rewrite it together.

Our Team

International Service

Helping fraud and scam victims on a global scale.

Fraud Professionals

Recovering your funds from almost every time of scam — Investment, wire, cryptocurrency, and others.

Pro-Bono Case Review

Offering a free case review and giving you the unvarnished truth on your chances of success.

Our Stories

"A trading scam cost me over 350K. I used to laugh that it would never happen to me.

I made several large successful investments with this broker. The man had conned me. Full of confidence playing the long game. Then, one day, I lost 40% of my savings. It cost me almost everything. It was a kick and left me really winded. With the help of Global Payback I was able to recover the majority of funds. I truly recommend their services. "

Thomas L. Stephenson
Trading Scam
$350,000 recovered

"Don’t give up — that is my life motto. Don’t let the shame bring you down.

All my savings were wiped out due to a trading scam. I invested in a crypto through a fraudulent broker. A buddy of mine had some experience and he told me about Global Payback — and how they could help me out. The results were fast, efficient and in 3 months I had recovered more than 80% of what I had lost. Today, we’re still pursuing what’s left. I recommend them to any person that has fallen prey to a scam. Great customer assistance, and great results."

Markus Kaufmann
Broker Scam
$115,000 recovered

"My trading funds were stolen, following several excellent investments in the crypto market, by a fraudster.

I lost 70% of all my savings funds on an online trading scam. Trusted the wrong broker, got greedy and didn’t trust my instinct. I felt foolish, I felt ashamed. I was angry. I was frustrated. I couldn’t sleep. The Global Payback team gave me back not only my money but peace of mind. It took them less than 3 months."

Nathan Owen
Crypto Scam
$235,000 recovered

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